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Thank you for visiting Juniper Fizz! Great quality spirits with an equally great back story are a passion for us. We believe these drinks are more than just liquid – they are an experience!

We don’t just sell the spirits; we go to the distilleries and talk to the people behind the drink so we can bring some of their passion into your drinking experience. We have the best of UK and Ireland and are constantly expanding our range.

Please take a look around, we hope you find something interesting that you’d like to try. If there is anything you have seen out there or if you produce a spirit that we really should offer please let us know, we would love to hear from you.

If you need any help or advice, you can contact us here.

Whatever your favourite drink is we really do hope you enjoy the Juniper Fizz experience.

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How did this all start?

Juniper Fizz was launched in December 2019 but its roots go a lot further back. In February 2019 Darren Henson came up with the idea of a shop bringing together locally and UK sourced gin so customers could see what the UK has to offer and UK distilleries had another platform to shout about their products.

Selling alcohol and starting this type of thing from scratch takes a bit of time so 2019 was all about setting things up right.

We are still a very small company – in fact it’s just the two of us! This means that every product we offer and every order you make is extremely important to us and every interaction will be very welcome. Our aim is to be the best and we will achieve this through great quality products and great customer service.

Why Drink Well?

Our Drink Well reference is all about drinking great quality, great tasting spirits in a healthy way both for your body and your mind. We believe if you drink mindfully it will increase your enjoyment whilst reducing your intake.

What’s Next?

There are many local distilleries that produce amazing quality drinks with huge variations and we want to be part of their journey to your glass, it’s a passion of ours to get to meet the people who actually produce the drinks and dig into the story behind it (there is always a story behind a good drink!)

More than just selling drinks we will be tasting as many as possible and visiting the distilleries behind them, as well as regular blogs we will be posting reviews on You Tube, Instagram and Facebook to help you widen your drinks horizons and increase the appreciation of your favourite tipple.

Thank you for visiting us!

Darren Henson

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Tell Us How We’re Doing!

We are always open to any feedback or ideas that will help us on our way to becoming THE place to go for your quality spirits.

If you produce a fantastic spirit, have a related product or know of something that we really should be stocking then please get in touch.

The only way Juniper Fizz will succeed in becoming the best is to do it hand in hand with our customers.

Drop us a line?

Are you a UK based producer of fine gin, rum or related products? If so we would really like to hear from you!

We are getting around as many distilleries as we can as a strong relationship between us and our suppliers is a fundamental part of how we work. Even if you’re at the top of Scotland or down in Devon, our aim is to meet all our producers at some point. Until we do meet up it’s nice to have a good chat over the phone or even do a live stream on our Facebook page, we will come up with whichever way suits you and your company.

Please contact us here and we will get the ball rolling ASAP.