The Covid times…
During lockdown when people were struggling to get basics from the shops we worked with Flintshire CC to supply normal household products to people who were shielding or struggling to get the basics they needed. It’s not what Juniper Fizz was set up to do but when times got hard it was great we were able to switch over to support the local community. When the shops caught up with things and people were able to get out more we dropped this service and switched our focus back to the fine gin and rum that we love!
Loving Our Logo: 5 designs later we have our logo!

How Juniper Fizz looks is really important to me, it’s the main way we communicate with our customers while we are predominantly online. It took a long time and a lot of thought to settle on the logo and the words inside it. The name Juniper Fizz came from gin and tonic but what does Drink Well mean to you? I founded Juniper Fizz because I loved gin and wanted to bring the more unusual gins to people who may never have seen them before, this lead to me researching gin as a product and when I started talking to the producers it started to really hit home that enjoying a drink of gin is far more than just swigging it while you do something else – it should be savored and appreciated. I believe we should drink mindfully, really taste the drink and appreciate where it came from and who made it. ‘Drink Well’ is my way of saying ‘Drink Healthy’, ‘Drink with Appreciation’ and Drink Great Quality’.  

LASER ENGRAVING: Our next service will really crank things up a notch!
Laser Engraving Is Coming

We have placed our order for a Laserscript LS3060 which we should have by the end of August. The addition of this fantastic piece of kit will allow us to really up our game for gift packs / sets as well as offing Juniper Fizz branded items such as: GlassesWater bottlesDrinks coastersGift boxesBar signsTiki lamps   I can’t wait to start learning this new skill and feel it will really build us into to something much more than just another retailer – I didn’t start Juniper Fizz to just sell spirits, I love the industry and want to build relationships with customers and producers alike.