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Cariad Lemon & Lime Gin Gift Set


A lovely gift set from Cariad Gin that includes:


1 x 100ml Lemon and Lime smooth citrus gin with light herbal characteristics.


Paired with Fever-Tree Elderflower Tonic


Dehydrated Fruit garnish to complement each serve


2 Hay Straws


Serving Suggestion Guide

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Down a quiet lane in the heart of the Flintshire countryside, an extraordinary alchemy is taking place. Carefully chosen and prepared botanicals and infusions are gently commingling in a traditional copper still as eight tortoises of varying size bimble about in the garden outside. Time ticks by, drip by measured drip, in this place where everything is considered and nothing is ever rushed. This is the home of the Clwydian Range Distillery, quite possibly the smallest in Wales where a truly Welsh gin is produced.

This small business is solidly built on true family values, with everybody from the children to grandparents being involved at every stage, from picking local gorse petals through to labelling and delivery – indeed, it was the children who were keen to have a tortoise as the logo in tribute to the family’s much-loved pets, foraging for gorse flowers just as the tortoises forage for their food, this is why a depiction of a tortoise now appears on each bottle.

Type: Bottle
ABV: 40%
Quantity: 100ml
Provenance: Flintshire