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Welsh Witch Potion Box – Rum


Introducing the Welsh Witch Potion Box. This is a perfect little gift idea for a Rum lover, the little potion bottle is a lovely touch and you get a triple set of chocolate truffles in there too!
This gift set includes:
5cl (double) Potion bottle of Rum
1 x 200ml Fever Tree Mixer
1 x Triple set of chocolate truffles


Juniper Fizz Note:

The Welsh Witch Rum Potion Box is a great looking gift set. The mystical background sets it apart and brings a great story with it.

More from Welsh Witch:

The Welsh Witch, born in the deep mystic folklore of North Wales. Possessing a cauldron of poetic inspiration, this Celtic goddess of rebirth and transformation.  Seeking to draw upon her mythical status and use of her magical cauldron, to concoct a potion to grant the gift of wisdom and inspiration.

Tale of the Welsh Witch

From the Welsh haunted hills
comes a tale of a Witch,
Lives by the sun and loves by the moon
she possesses a potion of which?
Distilled to perfection and infused botanically
By this beautiful enchantress so magically,
Cleansed and inspired with love and light

This mysterious Welsh Witch of the night.

Type: Gift Set
ABV: 40%
Quantity: 5cl Rum & 200ml Tonic
Provenance: Wrexham