Angel Feathers Rhubarb Gin


We are so pleased to have the Angel Feathers range in stock, they are fantastic tasty gins produced in a properly small batch, family way.


Every bottle of Angel Feathers is made by Katherine with help from her family and many ingredients grown in her garden – this is truly small batch, hand crafted gin that’s filled with passion.


The rhubarb gin is exactly what you would expect with such a fantastic background, a lovely gin with the rhubarb really coming through to give it a refreshing and rounded taste, if you like rhubarb gin you will love this one!

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About Angel Feathers in their own words:

Wherever possible, we grow our own fruits and botanicals to ensure we always have the freshest ingredients to hand. We take pride in selecting the best fruits from our Moel Famau Micro Fruitery on a sunny morning so we can capture the ripe flavours at their peak.


Here at Angel Feathers we create artisan small batch spirits bursting with fresh fruits, botanicals and spices.
Katharine’s long-standing interest in artisan foods flourished when she moved to the Welsh countryside. Here she was introduced to infusing spirits with fruits foraged when scouring the miles of hedgerows.
For over 20 years the drinks have been shared with friends and family.
After experimenting with different recipes and with encouragement from friends, Angel Feathers was born.
It’s a small family business, and each bottle is made with care by Katharine, using traditional methods, crafting fruit spirits at home.
With a dedication to quality, we grow many of our own ingredients, so we capture the freshest natural flavours.
Nothing artificial. Just fresh fruit, Welsh spring water, spirit and passion.

Type: Bottle
ABV: 41%
Quantity: 50cl
Provenance: Moel Famau