Bashall Spirits London Dry Gin


Inspired by the moorland around Bashall’s family home in the idyllic village of Bashall Eaves, in Lancashire’s Forest of Bowland.

The unique recipe of 11 botanicals includes cranberry, elderflower and caraway, homage to the native woodland and hedgerow plants found in and around the beautiful Moor Piece Nature Reserve.

This is a smooth juniper-forward gin with a soft sweetness and elegant character, perfect in a variety of drinks from a refreshing G&T to a crisp Martini.

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About Bashall Spirits:

The inspiration for our gins – both the botanicals in our London Dry and the flavour combination for our flavoured gins come from two handwritten recipe books passed down for generations in our family. We came up with the idea for Bashall Spirits when we realised that our love of gin was the perfect route to bring these traditional recipes to a wider audience.

The oldest book was collected and written Anne Taylor, my great*8-aunt in 1750. She has extraordinarily beautiful handwriting and the book is lovely.

The second book was collected and written by my great*5-grandmother Jennet Worsley around the middle of the nineteenth century (she didn’t write a date in it). Jennet is an old Lancashire name common in our family, and is my middle name. It’s a fascinating book – although her handwriting isn’t quite as neat and photographic as Anne’s!

The books contain a huge range of fascinating recipes including ones inspired by current events like the Great Exhibition, but the most common theme is using seasonal ingredients that grow locally in the Lancashire hedgerows and woods. These are the ones that we are particularly interested in and the ones that mainly inspired our gins. The botanicals in our London Dry, on which all our flavoured gins are based, includes traditional Lancashire flavours that can be found in every hedgerow like caraway and Cobb nuts, to locally-growing fruit like cranberries that used to be commonly used in Lancashire recipes but which we now don’t associate with the area at all – but they still grow in Moor Piece, the wildlife reserve in Bashall.

Type: Bottle
ABV: 40%
Quantity: 70cl
Provenance: Bashall Eaves