Handmade Gin Company Tipsy Tortoise


PREMIUM TASTE – Only the finest botanicals used with bold notes of apple and grapefruit

UNIQUE – Tipsy Tortoise Gin is the perfect gift or addition to your drinks cabinet

HANDMADE CRAFT GIN – Distilled by the experts using traditional vapour extraction methods and small copper pot stills

SMALL BATCH – Limited edition releases

SERVING – With a premium tonic water and a slice of apple

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The Handmade Gin Company was established in May 2017 as a joining of two regional craft gin producers – Wirral Gin and Ormskirk Gin.

Since then Handmade Gin has continued to produce initiative products such as shimmering gin as well as popular staples like Bakewell Gin.

They continue to distil their gin in exactly the same way, using only the finest botanicals and alcohol in small copper pot stills

Type: Bottle
ABV: 42%
Quantity: 50cl
Provenance: Wirral