Henstone London Dry Gin


“Unequivocally delicious”, Henstone’s award winning classic London Dry Gin oozes aroma and flavour.


Distilled by Henstone it is so packed full of botanical oils it may ‘louche’ when cold or blended with ice or mixers – a totally natural reaction.


This product won a GOLD MEDAL at the London Spirits Competition 2019!


It also won 2 stars in the Great Taste Awards 2019!

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The Gin:

Perfect over ice with a chunk of orange and a good quality Indian Tonic water or great as a base for classic cocktails.

Preferred serve

Ice, nice big chunk of orange, good measure of gin and a quality Indian Tonic (we’ve found Llanllyr Source, Fever-Tree and Schweppes 1783 work very well).

Cocktail 1 – The Crumble

Glassware – Goblet
Ingredients: Ice, 25ml Henstone London Dry Gin, 25ml Cassis, top up with sparkling dry cider (we use Stonehouse Elevate). Serve with a couple of frozen berries

Cocktail 2 – The Elderwand

Glassware – Flute
Ingredients: 25ml Henstone London Dry Gin, 15ml elderflower cordial, top up with prosecco. Serve with frozen berries and fresh elderflower if available

Cocktail 3 – The Sainted Hen

Glassware – Henstone (stemless wine) Glass
Ingredients: Ice, 25ml Triple Sec, 25ml Henstone London Dry Gin, top up with cloudy lemonade. Serve with slices of lemon and orange

Cocktail 4 – The Henstone Royal

Glassware – Flute
Ingredients – 25ml Henstone London Dry Gin, 25ml Cassis, top up with prosecco

Cocktail 5 – The Gimlet

Glassware – Henstone (stemless wine) Glass
Ingredients – 50ml Henstone London Dry Gin, 50ml Rose’s Lime Cordial. Shake gently over ice and then pour into cold glasses. Our friend Steve, who is an avid Raymond Chandler fan introduced us to this. Enjoy and as Raymond Chandler said in The Long Goodbye, “Why on earth this stroke of genius…….”

From Henstone Distillery:

Henstone Distilleries was established in Oswestry, Shropshire, United Kingdom in 2017 by Chris and Alexandra Toller, and Shane and Alison Parr. Shane and Alison also run an established brewery (Stonehouse Brewery) and the distillery is based at the brewery site. The four partners spent several years planning their venture and following the support of a grant installed an impressive 1000 litre still, affectionately named Hilda, manufactured by Kothe in Germany.
Our aim is to create the best quality products for people who, like us, enjoy sophisticated, classic spirits, but with a small batch twist. We believe our new branding reflects this.

As partners we’re all passionate about the high calibre spirits that we’re producing and are looking forward to utilising Hilda’s talents further to create even more fabulous drinks in the future.

Finally, the name Henstone originates from the family homes of the co-founders. Chris and Alex live in an ex-public house  called “The Hen and Chickens”, whilst Shane and Alison live in “Stonehouse”.

Type: Bottle
ABV: 44.9%
Quantity: 70cl
Provenance: Oswestry