Tappers Figgy Pudding Gin


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Figgy Pudding: a quintessential British dessert which dates back to the 16th Century.

Traditionally served at Christmastime – the chief ingredient being figs – “for we all like figgy pudding, we all like figgy pudding, so bring some out here!”.

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The Gin:

Christmas limited edition

Figgy Pudding Gin, launched by Tappers in December 2016, is the UK’s original gin based on the traditional recipe of old. This limited-edition Christmas gin is hand-crafted from start to finish using the traditional method of compounding. Figgy Pudding is independently produced in small batches at our Distillery on the Wirral. The resulting tipple – like all compounded gin – has a natural amber-hue from the infused juniper berries. Each 50cl bottle is individually filled, labelled and wax sealed by hand.

Tasting notes

Inspired by the traditional recipe, Figgy Pudding Gin brings together figs, apple, raisins, sultanas, orange peel, allspice and cassia for an authentic taste of Christmastime. Rich, sweet and boozy, with developing warmth from the combination of fruit and spice.

Type: Bottle
ABV: 39.6%
Quantity: 50cl
Provenance: Wirral