3 Pugs Blackcurrent Premium Gin


Our Signature blend is the base for our powerful Blackcurrant Gin at 40% with concentrated blackcurrant added just after distillation, complementing our 8 botanicals perfectly. A powerful pallet of blackcurrant followed by all the goodness of our Signature tasting notes.


Perfect serve: Garnish with frozen berries, add Ginger Ale or Lemonade to add just the right amount of sweetness.


Prefer to keep it Dry then just add your favourite tonic to the mix.

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Who are 3 pugs and why did they set out to make gin? Below is a short history of their journey in their words:

January 2016, we invited three other couples round for a blind gin tasting, we disguised our four blends, provided them all with score sheets and let the fun BeGin… (forgive the pun!). The winner was ‘Honky Dory’ created by Ste our Master Distiller, that was it then, 3 Pugs Gin was created.

May 2016, Ste and I had a really bad day at work, we were so fed up of the rat race, in our late 50’s with the realisation that our pensions would not fund any kind of retirement, we needed to do this now… so we purchased our first item, a load of wood so Ste could commence work on what was to become our Garden Distillery, we live in a small terraced house and had a decking area at the back, this we used as the foundation for our distillery a 3M x 3M space….. I began the task of obtaining all the relevant licences needed to legally distil and produce our product for resale to both businesses and the public, lots and lots of red tape later in:

October 2016 we had what we needed to go ahead, we had already been experimenting and obtained our research and development still which we had called Baby Back, as our main still which is still small in comparison to most at only 30L is called Silverback, a reference to our Silver status in life, along with the tenacity and passion of the Silverback Gorilla.

So we went into production, and produced our first bottle, booked our first Makers Market in Spinningfields and on 28th November 2016 we sold our first bottle…….
We have never looked back…..

Present Day …

We have grown considerably, Ste gave up his day job in November 2018, we signed for premises the same month and moved in December 2018 (hurrah… we have our home back!), we now have 7 products a full range of Gins and Gin based Liqueurs of which we are very proud, along with a Pugs Palace Gift Set, a bespoke 3 Pugs Gin Glass, and more recently our Pugs Parade Gift Set.

We are looking forward to what this year 2019 may unfold for us and the pugs …

Cheers to the future, its great being ‘away with the Fairy’s’.

Type: Bottle
ABV: 40%
Quantity: 50cl
Provenance: Warrington