Three Wrens Raspberry Edition


Made using only fresh ingredients, the raspberry is elevated by briefly resting the gin in barrels previously used to age balsamic vinegar of Modena.


This gin took 9 months of trials for the Three Wrens master distiller to complete and is designed to stand out and offer something completely different to other raspberry gins, which tend to be on the light side. This is made using only fresh ingredients, NO artificial colours, essences or additives.


Distiller, Nick, had the idea when he was served a raspberry dessert in an Italian restaurant with tiny dots of balsamic vinegar. The balsamic elevated the flavour of the raspberry quite incredibly! If you have never tried this, dip a raspberry in balsamic, taste it and you will know what we mean.


‘We didn’t want to put vinegar in the gin so we decided to rest the gin briefly in barrels that have been used to age balsamic vinegar of Modena. The idea is that you wont taste balsamic in the gin, its not a balsamic gin, only its presence will be subtly felt — in a really good way.

Fresh basil and pepper work wonderfully well with raspberries so we decided to use these too, along with Tuscan Juniper berries, in order to create a truly unique gin with delicious savoury notes, that works well in a cocktail or in a long drink mixed with aromatic or classic tonic water.’

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The Gin:

Made using only fresh ingredients, the raspberry is elevated by briefly resting the gin in barrels previously used to age balsamic vinegar of Modena.

From Three Wrens:

Our master distiller and owner, Nick, has spent 20 years in the drinks & spirits industry. His career started in Manchester where he was award winning mixologist, running high end bars and competing in cocktail competitions all over the world. Nick then became a cocktail bar owner, and more recently held the position of brand manager for a global, award-winning gin.

Nick has harboured a long standing ambition to create his own brand of gin for most of his working life and finally took the plunge to open the Three Wrens distillery in August 2019. The gins are inspired by the beautiful village of Wrenbury, where his family of three reside. Hence the name ‘Three Wrens Gin’

Wrenbury is famous for its fields of Wrens, and can trace its history back to 1100 AD. Our distillery is based in the adjacent village of Cholmondeley, opposite a stunning castle, famous for its amazing gardens.

We are incredibly lucky to be surrounded by outstanding countryside. Ancient woodlands with up to 50 edible plant varieties of roots, shrubs and flowers, are all within a few minutes walk. We are able to grow our own herbs and flowers to use in the gins we make, and we pick them from literally right outside our doors.

Nick’s background in mixology and gin, enabled him to successfully turn his hand to distillation. Much of the skill set needed has been acquired over time with his experience of carefully pairing flavours together to create inventive cocktail menus. After an intensive period of study, distillers courses, trial distillations and exams, Nick made the first batch of Three Wrens in June 2019, and knew he had made something truly special.

Type: Bottle
ABV: 41.3%
Quantity: 70cl
Provenance: Cheshire