Handmade Gin Company Union Black Jack Gin


THE UNION JACK – At The Handmade Gin Company they love to celebrate the flag and revel in this quadruple distilled premium British black gin – Ideal for all you gin enthusiasts out there to enjoy a glass


REMINISCE – Feeling nostalgic? How about bringing back one of your childhood favourites with the Aniseed taste of Union Jack Gin – Sit back, relax and enjoy a glass in the evenings with friends


BRITISH CRAFT GIN – This bottle of Premium Union Black Gin is hand made by a small team of artisan distillers in Britain, using tried and tested methods to give you the highest quality gin possible

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The Gin:

4 x Distilled

CONTEMPORARY – This matt black finished bottle gives a trendy feel, making an excellent cabinet addition, or gift for friends and family for you enjoy over the weekends

SERVING SUGGESTION – For best results we always suggest to mix a generous measure of Black Jack gin with some soda and blackcurrant juice to share with family and friends over a cold and refreshing glass

Type: Bottle
ABV: 40%
Quantity: 50cl
Provenance: Wirral