Devil’s Bridge Spiced Rum (70cl)


Devil’s Bridge Rum is inspired by the lady’s cunning plan to trick the devil, with Bara Brith sweet bread the leading flavour.


Devil’s Bridge is a deliciously rich, complex, Spiced Rum infused with the ingredient at the heart of this Welsh legend, Bara Brith.

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From Devil’s Bridge:

An old Welsh legend tells of the Devil walking through the mountains and meeting a maiden, trying to get to her cow, stuck on the other side of a river. The Devil offered a bridge in return for the first soul to cross it. When the maiden returned, the Devil smelled victory. Until she approached the bridge, took a loaf from her skirts, threw it across the bridge and watched as her faithful dog ran to fetch it.


Like everything we do, we viewed this old tale from a new angle. We saw the Defeated Devil, an Evading Maiden who claimed her own victory, the Troublemaker Cow that started it, a heroic dog with a Stolen Soul, and the Welsh Loaf that changed it all.


2020 saw the launch of Devil’s Bridge Rum, born in lockdown, backed by a passionate team of experts, meeting only over Zoom!


Unlike other spiced rums, we don’t just flavour base rum or add sugar after distillation for sweetness. We have created a premium spirit that is as intriguing in the drinking as the tale in the telling. We use the finest rum from across the Caribbean, distilled from locally grown sugar cane. We wait as our rum matures for nine years in ex-bourbon barrels. The result is a spirit that already tastes amazing when it arrives in Wales, where it is steeped in natural botanicals and spices before final redistilling. But it is our unique Welsh ingredients that make the personality; Glengettie Black Tea, Shirgar Carmarthenshire Butter and the slice of brilliance: Bara Brith sweet loaf. We distill to 42% ABV for a higher quality rum that does justice to the flavours.


Over the last year, we have launched direct to customers, using social media to spread brand awareness, push seasonal campaigns, share inspiration from our mixologist and build recognition of the red bottle that makes Devil’s Bridge Rum stand out on-shelf and online. On Facebook we have over 500K video views and a weekly reach of 20,000-40,000 people. On Instagram our latest PR campaign has seen huge increases in engagement and a 50% upturn in followers. Devil’s Bridge has featured across TV, radio and press, including interviews on Talk Radio, S4C TV and Greatest Hits Radio. We haven’t been able to meet our customers at the bar yet, but we are working hard to make sure they know to ask for Devil’s Bridge when they get there!


Our striking matte red bottle was created by an award-winning designer, who specialises in on-trade premium alcohol. A substantial wooden stopper along with the intricate illustrations and copper details on the label make our rum as much of a story for the senses as on the palette.


Lastly, the hero of our story. The love of a faithful dog is at the heart of the Devil’s Bridge legend. To help dogs receive the same love in return, we partner with Animal Rescue Cymru, fully funding a kennel at the centre and using our social media to help the dog-in-residence find their new home.


Our first year in business has been shaped by the pandemic, but we haven’t let it hold us back. We have become the most awarded Welsh rum ever with prizes for taste, style, design and quality, and are proud to be part of the drive for excellence in Welsh spirits.


Type: Bottle
ABV: 42%
Quantity: 70cl
Provenance: Cardiff