Welsh Witch Rum


Welsh Witch Rum is a silky smooth, spiced rum.


In keeping with their Welsh Witch Gin, the rum also consists of citrus elements and it’s influences also remain rooted in North Wales.


Interweaved in a variety of dried fruits and spices, the rum produces a combination of textured tastes and intense flavours.


Inspired by the traditional ‘welsh bara brith’, the rum also delivers both sweet and spicy tones.


Finally our quintessentially Welsh Witch Rum completes its journey with a whisper of whisky.


The perfect serve…neat over ice, leave to rest.

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Juniper Fizz Note:

Like the gin, we love the look of this rum, the mystical background sets it apart and brings a great story with it – embrace the Celtic goddess and indulge yourself in a rum inspired by the Welsh hills. Also, they have a black cat that looks a bit like ours!

The Welsh Witch, born in the deep mystic folklore of North Wales. Possessing a cauldron of poetic inspiration, this Celtic goddess of rebirth and transformation.  Seeking to draw upon her mythical status and use of her magical cauldron, to concoct a potion to grant the gift of wisdom and inspiration.

Tale of the Welsh Witch

From the Welsh haunted hills
comes a tale of a Witch,
Lives by the sun and loves by the moon
she possesses a potion of which?
Distilled to perfection and infused botanically
By this beautiful enchantress so magically,
Cleansed and inspired with love and light

This mysterious Welsh Witch of the night.

Type: Bottle
ABV: 40%
Quantity: 50cl
Provenance: Wrexham